Direct Mail Marketing Help

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At 39:53 on episode 197, Chris said his mailers are short and simple, saying “we are interested in buying your house, please call us at this number.”

I haven’t closed on anything off market deals yet and really like this short and sweet strategy.

My questions are do I just send this letter to the house I want to buy or do I look to make sure that the owner lives there? I don’t want to send it to one of his/her renters (if it happens to be a rental) if that renter is just going to toss my letter. If I make sure I’m sending it to the owners primary residence, then won’t I have to write down the address of the rental I’m talking about on the yellow letter? I have a few hundred addresses in a spreadsheet, I just want to make sure I’m as efficient as possible since I’ll be working 50+ hours at my job.

Thanks in advance!!