Investor Friendly Title Companies in Las Vegas?

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Hello everyone I am new to BP as well as real estate. I am now on track to get my first wholesale deal and I would love if someone can point me in the right direction of some Investor Friendly Title Companies in Las Vegas!

@Marianthi Kyritsi

You have got a few options. 

Option 1 .) Gather a list of title companies in the area and give them a call. There are high chances that by the time you get the 7th , you'll find an wholesaler/investor friendly title company.

Option  2.) Connect with investors , wholesalers, rehabbers and flippers in your market , tell them who you are and have them refer you to their title company. Try not to spam the list to avoid penalties.

Option 3.) Find a FB wholesale group , connect with them , throw the question on there. You'll get a few recommendations to select from. 

Be sure to always do your due diligence by calling and vetting.

Best of luck on that first deal.

@Marianthi Kyritsi There are several options.  I would consider reaching out to Corina Jacques at Noble Title.  Its good to interview at least three companies.  When I have assisted buyers and sellers my experience with Noble Title has been good so far.  Regards.