Newbie Struggling to make a change

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Hi all, Dan here. Sad to say my current state of affairs is not great for purchasing any properties. I would love to break in and change my path. I guess Wholesaling would be a start. I am on long island New York. Would love to connect with anyone who can help me break in!! thanks!!

Hi Daniel! There's a LOT to take in when you're wanting to break into real estate investing. Wanted to share that BiggerPockets is launching a 12 week Rookie Bootcamp in late August, with Ashley Kehr leading the way. She's the host of the Real Estate Rookie podcast. It'll be a mix of on demand videos, live Q&A sessions, and a step-by-step curriculum to help you get your next deal. Sharing in case it would be helpful to get the gears turning!

The last thing to do when your finances are not good to invest is to go into wholesaling. That's like throwing a dart into an ocean and hoping you hit a lily pad. If you want to invest, study markets, make connections, and keep a regular job or get a regular job to bring in income. Do not rely on an industry (wholesaling) that is mostly a mirage and that most people fail at.