How to see the property you are wanting to wholesale

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Hey all,

I just sent out my first batch of direct mailers to absentee owners with tenants in place and have started getting call backs from landlords who are interested in offloading 1 or more properties.  The issue I am running into is being able to go see the properties in order to get pictures, check out the property so I can properly make an offer.

I have tried asking to see it and the push back I receive is "I don't want anyone scaring my tenant off and leaving if they know I am selling the property so I can't show you the inside, but here are some pictures I took a couple months back" 

Of course, I would like to get in and see the property myself but haven't had luck. 

If anyone has run into this, I would greatly appreciate some suggestions on how to navigate this or avoid this in the future. 

Thanks in advance for the help!

@Luke McDaniel

I actually just went and saw a house like this yesterday. Seller told the tenants she was switching insurance companies and I was from the insurance company and needed to do a walk through of the house. It seemed to work so thats an idea for you. Ive had some deals I had to pass on because seller didnt want to disturb tenant (understandable) but also wasnt willing to sell for a sight unseen price. Ive had some where we compromised and I got to inspect once we were under contract and my option money was the amount of one months rent in case tenant didnt pay.

There are creative solutions to your problem. But if landlord wont get creative with you then time to move on to another deal.

@Luke McDaniel In my experience you may not even choose to go to the property until you have a contract. For one thing you never know what sellers will actually follow through with signing the contract. Just find your MAO and present that to the seller also be sure they know you have an inspection period to get in the property. Huge time saver and keeps you from dealing with unmotivated leads.

You will likely find the sellers who are motivated will not be too worried about the purchase price as much as you think. Thats why I've found it is not hard to make an offer with out seeing the property.