Out of state inspection of home

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I am moving my wholesaling to Dallas, I am from Ca and having little luck. I was told by a few people from BP that out of state may be the way to go. Do you guys have suggestions on how to get a walk through done and get the contact signed without my business? I am new to most of this I have one contact completed and 1 rental property of my own, so I am a rookie searching for some advice

The best way to manage a walkthrough when you are out of state is by getting pictures.  

You can ask the seller to send you as many pictures as possible.  Option B, you can hire someone from Craigslist for $50 to go to the property and take pictures for you. 

@Wesley Vanderkallen   I'm in Southern Califoronia, and we've done a good amount of deals in Texas.  I find people off Facebook to go take pics for $40.  You gotta vet those people well since they can flake out, and make you look bad.  And then when it comes to the signing of the contract, only once or twice did I need to pay someone to meet with the seller to help get that done.  Usually, we are able to talk them through Docusign, or they can sign it and take it to a place to fax to me...I have an e-fax number so that it goes directly to my emial.  Feel free to DM me if you want.  I can talk most evenings and give some tips.

@Bryant Brislin thanks for the reply I really appreciate it. I would def like to talk more about it if you’re able to. I am new to this all, I began wholesaling about 6 months ago, I have 1 sfd on air bnb that does pretty well, and I am looking to network to create a team to do some flips/brrrs, etc.