What is everyone's "end game" goals?

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Hi all! I'm just curious, what are you trying to accomplish? What will it look like when you have succeeded? What empire are you building? If you care to share! I thought it could be a good discussion. I'm curious how specific everyone's long term goals are!

My long-term goal: live what's left of my life without major injury, illness, or financial or emotional catastrophe.

My short-term goal: try to get through today without being killed, killing anyone, or leaving too much wreckage in my wake :)

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Keep buying value-add properties and growing more and more doors. I'm more interested in accumulating a lot of doors than having a flashy lifestyle; I use the money to buy more properties.

My brother, Joe, told me how he puts money into a Vanguard charitable fund - the money can't be removed but he can donate to charities he likes - and I want to do the same so I'll be putting some money that would be going toward taxes into that instead. That way I can donate to charities I believe in. 

Now that I'm not hella poor I plan on meeting a nice lady, having a gaggle of children and enjoying life. 

I still enjoy working on my properties and will continue doing so. It's a really good way for me to burn calories and keep lean (I typically don't eat anything while working on a property - maybe a small snack during the day - and so that helps also with being healthy). 

It all comes down to being happy, healthy, safe and helping those we want to help. I also quite enjoy telling people about real estate in hopes they become a landlord so they can enjoy those monthly checks as well. If I can better someone's life who's willing to put in the work then I'm all for it. 

Ah, the age-old question.

“The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

Genghis Khan

@Jim K. Cool!! Hmmm It depends on what your asking about with corning lol. It's still a beautiful place to live. I'm just now in my 30s appreciating that. Horseheads and Corning have the highest property value around! I personally am happy I live here for now. My only complaint is I need to be out in the country! Peace and quiet.

@Karl B. LOVE your response! Very similar to my goals except I have 5 girls already 😆 so I'm good on that part! But maybe not. I keep picturing myself adopting at some point. It's a strange thing in the back of my mind! I didn't expect the thread to be so personal but I'm loving all these responses!

I’m on my 9th rental property. My goal is to buy two rentals a year to reach 10,000 a month in income so I can retire in 7 years.

I am content with my 2 buildings (9 units). My wife and I have w2's. I max my 401k, and have a pension- so I am all good for life after 62. 
Our units have allowed us to travel, buy personal, foreign real estate and put our kids through private school and save for college- to name just a few.

In 5 years we will reassess. We will either pull money out or sell. We have over $1 million in equity now and have been building out our Vanguard investments. All depends on the kid's college situations.

If I can sell in 5 years and have 1.5- 2 million in Vanguard- I am out. If not I will ride it out for 5 more and bag it at 60.

I love the opportunity and I love being a landlord- but if I can trade what I work for now for real passive income- no brainer.

My husband and I are in this together, our long term goal (5 years) is to have 10,000 a month in passive income through long and short term rentals. We just restarted in a completely new place (moved from WA to FL) and have one Single family home we plan to use as a Short term rental. It came with a lot, that we plan to build on and we are searching for one more SFH to start to brrrr before the year is up. Hopefully throughout that five year period we will have learned a lot and will have a better idea of where we want to go with real estate!

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All of these are awesome! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! Some of these are so specific and I think that's needed for success! I still need to find my niche so my goals are very broad right now. I'm very interested in short term rentals but I'm working on getting my foot in the door with wholesaling first. You all are amazing 👏 thanks for the inspiration!

If any of you are looking for SFH in the area I'm in let me know. I'm in upstate NY but mostly focusing on PA. About an hr and half away from williamsport and Scranton just to give you an idea. Keep up the good work guys! And I hope some of you are taking vacations! Work hard, play hard!!

My strategy is to start with wholesaling, then do house hacking while I’m still wholesaling, quit my job, start doing BRRRRs instead of wholesaling while still house hacking, then from there just straight up acquiring rental properties with cash and I can have my standalone home wherever I want in the world. My goal is to travel (India in particular) for months at a time without any obligations and play paintball every weekend! 

Have enough passive and in paid-off, nicer rentals to sell off one/year to fund my moving out of country for retirement, hopefully sooner rather than later.  I can think of a few cities that could use a good bbq restaurant...

Great question. I think it's a common assumption that the answer is always "more". More cash flow, more properties, more equity. I disagree. At some point, you have to be happy with "enough" That level of "enough" is going to be different for everyone. However, I think it's important for everyone to at least consider what is "enough"

I'm not trying to quit my W-2 and replace my income with cash flow. I teach community college full-time and love my job. My current plan is to work until age 70. We will see if that actually happens. I love teaching college and giving back to the students. I get to experience personal growth through my W-2. I teach two semesters at 16 weeks each, so I get 20 weeks of vacation/year. That's plenty of time to travel and be fully engaged with serious hobbies.  

I have 3 rentals (4 doors) and a primary. I'm around $2500/month of cash flow (after vacancy and repairs). I'm getting pretty close to "enough", so I'm not really looking for "more" at the moment. The only thing I'm currently considering at the moment is a place in the mountains. I could do a generic house that would be good as a short-term rental. Or I could buy some land and do a personalized "compound" The compound would be more of a passion project with a higher level of time and commitment. I'm probably 12-18 months away from doing anything. For 2022, I'm trying to get 30 days of snowboarding and 30 days of golf.