Who can I HELP in their business for FREE so I can learn

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Hi All,  I live right outside of Philly and I have been really interested in Real Estate for over 20 years, was a landlord, etc (You can read my bio for the juicy details).  I am wanting to get back into real estate and eventually make it my full time "career"  I do alot of networking with investors,  read books, jump on webinars, etc.  I am interested in Wholesaling (at least to start. for a while)  Many investors I speak to all say that it really needs to be done full time (which I can understand) however, i am not able to make a full time jump like that at this stage in my life, just yet, so _ WHO CAN I HELP???  I want to HELP some people so I can learn and get my feet wet. I am, and have been in sales for over 10 years. I am no stranger to cold calling. I do not mind doing grunt work on a part time basis to HELP someone grow their business and make money.  In turn, I will also learn, and DO Real estate so that when the time comes, I can jump in.  Is there anyone on here who would be down to allowing me to do something like this (on a part time basic)?   I work from home full time and have flexibility!

Chris - I have a single family portfolio and now investing into Multi-Family Properties. I also network with local organizations (DIG and DPI) as an example and found that there are folks that typically do need some help. Perhaps you and I can connect and discuss!

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Chris, I love stories like yours because all you have to do is something a little different and you can be successful. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WHOLESALING FULLTIME to make money. I run 4 different business along with a full time salary job. From flipping homes, to being in finance, interior design, and wholesaling. I get use technology to my advantage. YOU, me, and Jeff Bezos have the same 24 hours, why is he able to run a billion dollar company and go into space? Its all about efficiency and strategy. Anyways, reach out if you have any other questions but I don't think you should be working for free, you should be working for yourself till you get to where you need to be.

Anytime - let’s connect. I am continuing to expand in new markets and PA is one of them. Hope to hear from you.