Whoelsaling-proper way to market your contract in Florida

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Are you a broker? If not you are just looking to assign the deal as a wholesaler. A broker could advertise properties publicly. As a wholesaler, we have some restrictions. I’d say if you’re going to post on 

Facebook /Craigslist which is the public,  don’t include the full address. Only the street name. If someone inquired you could release full address. If it’s a private email list that you’re sending to, then you could include full address. Be sure to include all the details and then you have a marketable /assignable contract.

Btw. What area is your deal in? I wholesale in Bradenton/Sarasota, Tampa, Venice.

Marko Rubel
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There are those here on BP that say it's illegal to for a wholesaler to market a property he/she has under contract. I don't know if that's true or not. I know I've noticed several on Craigslist here in Texas. You might try a website called My House Deals.com. They will advertise your property for free. Plus there are several off market properties listed you might find interesting.