Script for closing a Wholesaling deal

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There is no script because every off-market seller has a different pain point as to why they answered your letter, postcard, or robocall. The first question you want to know is where are they going after you close this deal with and for them? If they don't know where they are going or how they are going to get there, any scripts is too expectant.

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Thank you @Annchen Knodt and @Jonathan Greene !

Actually listened to the Pace Morby episode yesterday funny you mention that. I thought it was absolutely great! 
Agreed on finding pain point and their reasoning, and going from there. Needs to be fluid and adaptable, within a certain outline of course.. Trial and error..

Thank you Both!

Script is a great foundation, then you can build from there.  I still keep a script open whenever I call, always great to reference.  Send me a message, wouldn't mind sharing the one I use.