Experienced Wholesaler & Rehabber Mastermind Group

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I am looking to build a mastermind group of experienced wholesalers and rehabbers from different markets. The goal will be to meet via zoom once a month and discuss topics such as marketing to sellers, using VAs, adding team members, how to expand business, etc. Ideal members are doing a minimum of 10+ deals per year and are looking to grow their business. This is not a place for newer, inexperienced investors/wholesalers but a place for those that have a business up and running and looking for guidance/willing to share on more advanced ideas/strategies/topics. The idea is that if we have a group all from different markets (no direct competition) + being off-line the ideas/help will flow more freely.

I am happy to organize the monthly meetings in the beginning but would be leaning on others to assist as time goes on. Maybe a round robin type of setup.

If interested connect with me and I'll get you added to the group. Of course, selling or exchange of money for information will not be allowed.

Feel free to post questions/info, thanks, Brian

Sounds good everyone.  I will try to reach out to everyone this week but with T-day and travels it will probably be next week.  Very excited to put together a group of experienced/mastermind group of wholesalers/rehabbers.