Purchasing Duplex in Indianapolis - Insurance Recommendations

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Dear Indianapolis Bigger Pockets Members,

I recently relocated from Southern California to Indianapolis to focus on real estate investment and we are scheduled to close on our first duplex next week, and we are looking for recommendations on good landlord insurance providers in the local market.

I received one quote earlier today from an out-of-state agent and it was 2x - 3x more than expected.  Based on a review of that quotation, it appears that their 'replacement cost estimate' is approximately 5x more than our purchase price (and 3x the assessed value of the property), which could explain why the quote was so high.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your assistance!



I have been happy with Thorne insurance agency.   They have great rates.   On all my properties I only insure for actual cash value vs replacement cost value.   It keeps the premiums down and transfers some of the risk to myself.   I can get repairs down cheap so carrying this risk doesn't bother me. Good luck... 

I work with Petigo Insurance and Financial Services and have been very happy with them.

We have a builders risk policy through our insurance broker American Business Insurance. It's a blanket policy that covers all of our being rehabbed, vacant, and occupied properties. We are able to add and remove using their online software and we tell then how much we want it insured for....PM for contact info! It's a great product .

Fox & Fox here in Indianapolis is very investor friendly and provides all my investment and personal needs.

I've used them for everything for the last 3 years and am very satisfied.

Feel free to PM for their contact info.

I also use the same company that @Ashley Mullin uses. I recommend American Business Insurance. American Business Ins. insures all my LLC's properties that are in Indiana and Florida.

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