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Hello Everyone,

I am from Ohio USA. Would appreciate if someone could please provide me some advice what to do. My problem is that I cannot find my own document Property Insurance Declaration Page where is stated, among other details (few could be related to taxes also), coverage for this insurance. The coverage amount is the most important information. It seems like I have lost the paper. Obvious option for me would be to go to the property insurance agent and simply ask for a copy but due to many business meetings all over USA and other work related duties, i simply cannot do so. Therefore my question for you is: Where could I legally request such scan of said document ONLINE AND also get it ONLINE free of charge (!), e.g. legally download it online or sent to me as an attachment in email message? I have been doing little research on this already, found one website where could I request it online but unfortunately it doesn't meet my need because they physically mail a copy instead of providing it online. Will definitely identify myself however I have to. Property (single family house) is owned by me.

Would appreciate any advice.

Thank you,

With warm regards.

Tim thank you for your reply. Any way to find out (if yes, how? cannot find such info on website) which property insurance company I was using? It has passed a while when I was doing this.

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No, since the info is "private", no way to really find it in the public domain.

Your insurance Agent or Company can provide this on request, usually in a matter of minutes via email or fax. Shouldn't be difficult at all to obtain.

There must be some way to find out who is property insurance provider for MY property where I am located. E.g. using parcel number, my social security number, name, address, perhaps with even answering some security questions related to my background or credit file, etc...

Your insurance Agent or Company can provide this on request, usually in a matter of minutes via email or fax. Shouldn't be difficult at all to obtain.

If it is "your" coverage, do you not know the insurer or Agent? I would assume you've paid for it?

I apologize for not being understandable so I will repeat again: I don't know company name/agent/propery insurance provider for property where I live. So I don't know who to ask for the copy of document mentioned in my first post. I appreciate your suggestion that I should simply call and ask for the copy but now I would need to know a way to find out who to call - to find out who is the company name (property insurer).

Originally posted by @Jeremy Tillotson :

@Simon Kane  look through your banking records for payments to them, or if you have a loan the bank may be paying it for you. This is private and you wont be able to find this out. Call your bank, or check our accounts. 

 As Jeremy said, if you have a mortgage, then the bank will know this information (as to whether they'll share it via e-mail is another matter altogether - I would think NOT, but they may share it on the phone).