Public Adjuster needed?

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I used to owned a commercial building and business in it.  Just a year ago, it got burnt down, completely destroying the building and contents.  The insurance co sent their adjuster, and the damage estimated was over 120% over the max I was covered for.  So I did receive the max allowed, and didn't need the public adjuster.

The payment received wasn't enough to rebuild the building and buy back the inventories.  So I just closed it and ventured out for other things.  The insurance co hired their accountant and estimated loss to what seems to be about 30% of 8 months sales.

Anyone with experience in this matter, does that estimate seem within ball park?  I've contacted a public adjuster, but they don't seem to be interested in taking up the task.


I am an Ohio licensed PIA. I am not very familiar with commercial policies as I focus on the residential side. However when we represent residential fire losses here in Ohio we are sometimes able to get the home owners more than their policy limits depending on the situation and their policy. Fire claims are extremely complex, I would recommend you find a local PIA that will take on the challenge and not charge you any upfront fees, straight contingency fee, that way if they fail you are not more money out of pocket. If you cannot find anyone local the company I work for may be willing to take on the challenge. We do not have any local reps in Texas, but we are licensed and able to do business all over the country. Good Luck and keep us posted.

Well, so far, I've made 3 contacts, they are in Texas, but not local.  Two couldn't handle my case, the other, we've been playing phone tag for a week trying to make first contact.  LOL.

Would you be interested in taking look at my case?

I think you should hire a trusted and experienced business interruption claims adjuster. They review the complete scenario and help with claiming process. ISAclaims is a trusted name and they offer free claim review service as well you can contact them.

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