Hail damage claim

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Thanks in advance for any answers given.

Today’s date: 3-12-15

State: Georgia

Company: Farm Bureau

Loss date 3-18-13

No work done yet on roof

(claim details below)

My questions are: 

Is there a deadline for getting the recoverable depreciation?

Is there a deadline for getting an increase to the adjusters estimate?

To get either do I need to have the work started before the 2 year deadline?

To get either do I need to have the work completed by the 2 year deadline?

Should the agent be able to find / give me all the details on the claim?

If they drag their feet getting back to me how can I keep the claim active? Do I need to keep it active?

Should I continue using Farm Bureau for property insurance?

More details if needed:

First off I am dealing with GA Farm Bureau. I had hail damage on 3-18-13 and filed a claim around 3-25-13, got a check for $4305 dated 4-4-15 and cashed it. I never had the work done bc the estimates I received were too high ($10,000 plus).I have let this slip by/procrastinated/failed to follow thru/ been stupid however you would describe it.

Today I asked for and received a report from the main office.The claim value is 7,500 with not much more details other than it was for hail damage.

I understand about recoverable depreciation so I would expect to get more than the $4305 but not sure how much.Today my agent could not or would not give me the summary report of what they agreed to pay for but I think it will not cover the cost minus the $1000 deductible.He said I had to talk to the adjuster.I feel he is just feeding me BS hoping I would not follow thru like I have done to this point.The 2 year anniversary of the loss is March 18 2015.

The agent said the adjuster’s company phone just died and the Adjuster wasn’t giving his personal phone # out and it would be a week until he received a replacement phone.But that the Adjuster would call me.I called the adjuster’s company number and left a message. (Make your own judgment on that statement)

Thanks Again

At this point it sounds like you have done all that you can do. I would hire an expert to represent you to your insurance company and let them deal with the head ache. You can either hire an attorney or a public insurance adjuster. I would recommend that you look for a public insurance adjuster most of them work on a contingency fee with no upfront costs. Simply put if they win you more money they get paid a percentage of the money they receive you. if you need a good recommendation for someone in you area I know plenty of public adjusters and can help you out. the insurance companies motto we like to say is deny, delay, defend. Good luck

Kevin Hoag, Real Estate Agent in OH (#1090522) and OH (#2015002538)

Most policies read 1 year from the date of loss, some insurance companies, if the work is completed, will overlook this and lease the recoverable depreciation.  Just keep calling and try to get a rep who will help you.  Hiring an PA will not change their mind with the r/d release.  

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