Good Insurance Company for rentals

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Looking for some advice on who to call for homeowners insurance for rentals.  We personally use for our own home, USAA.  I thought I would start with them to see what they have for rates in case they can bundle  and then check other companies as acomparison. What other companies do you recommend for nationwide coverage?

Any thoughts?

Usually regional companies do a better job in terms of price and coverage than the large national carriers. I recommend calling one independent agent and one farmers agent in the area where most of your properties are located.
I am a bit biased, but I strongly recommend independent agents/broker. You get an agent that does the shopping for free and you have access to a very competitive market that you normally wouldn't have access to. Independent agents always have the clients interests in mind as they are neutral to what company you work with. Plus, a good agent, will shop the rates for you year after year at renewal time making sure you always have the best coverage and rates available to you.

I am in a situation right now with USAA where they dropped my umbrella coverage because they consider my rentals as a commercial endeavor.  I have been with USAA for 16 years and have everything insured with them, 5 rentals, 1 primary residence and 5 autos. Now we are looking for a commercial policy to lump all the rentals under so we can get back to the higher liability coverage we are more comfortable with.