Getting a CLUE report for a HUD REO

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My wife and I bid on a HUD listed home a couple weeks ago as owner occupants as we want to live in this home for the year as we rehab it. This home has been vacant for 2 years and was vandalized by previous owner on move-out. This one has been quite a challenge as the property history doesn't seem good.

My insurance quotes are about 50-70% higher (from what I can tell) than the averages for the Carrollton, TX, a suburb of Dallas. I knew better than to ask the listing agent for the report outright and instead sent the "seller's authorization form" from LexisNexis. The listing (HomeTelos) agent stated he was not authorized to sign and simply stated this is a HUD REO. No other information was provided.

Does anyone know who is authorized in this case? Any ideas on how to get the CLUE report for this property? 

Any insight on this front is welcome and appreciated.

We have bought 2 HUD properties up in Connecticut. In both cases right on the listing page for the property it had a Property Condition Report (PCR) linked in the attachments section of the property listing page.

@Evan Bender

Being that the property is a HUD REO and they are exempt from any disclosures, I hae never heard of HUD signing one

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