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I am currently purchasing a triplex, in which I will live in one of the units for a year or so. The other two are and will remain rented. Financing is through FHA. I am having trouble getting insurance for the property. I've been denied by 2 companies -progressive and a local company. I have been written a quote from Scottsdale insurance of $542 per month!

I currently have another local company (the same company that insured the property for the sellers) writing me a quote, but it's been 4 days and they are still waiting on the "underwriters approval".??

This house was built in 1880. But all the electric, plumbing and hvac has been updated. All on heat pump and modern duct a/c. The roof is old, not sure how old, but it is a metal roof-typically good for 50-70 years. Structurally, everything else is pretty sound. There are chimneys but none are in use. All sealed off. 

Not sure what the problem is or more importantly what the solution is?? 

Any ideas or can anyone recommend a insurance company that may cover older homes?


Ps: Frederick county, MD 

I have used Lloyds of London on a couple of deals as the insurer of last resort.  The price is not cheap.  Contact them and they will give you a quote.


@Hank Parater you may want to try Liberty Mutual. They did a circa 1900 investment property (duplex) for me. Another option is Andover Company Best of luck


Thanks @ Micheal Leffholz and @Gavin Welch.

Liberty mutual is working out.

For the future, you can look into something like this:

I'm not sure if Maryland has something equivalent, but I was able to secure insurance on a home that was denied by two separate companies. 

Contact a local insurance agent that writes policies for ASI (American Strategic Insurance).  They always beat every other insurance provider we get estimates from by a mile.

Hank Parater I use Allstate through Duc Pramuan. His office is in Lutherville. He was the absolute lowest rate I could find.

Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

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