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Shopping around for quotes for property insurance in PA (southeast portion, Lancaster & Burks county areas).  Anyone with agent or company recommendations?

Thank-you for your time!

Cordell M. what is the property you are looking to insure.

If this is for smaller properties... Singles, doubles, etc, I usually go with Erie as my first choice. Donegal is my second. Both have great rates and the coverage you want for loss of use, etc. 

Cordell M. following up on the posts above, the characteristics of the property will determine which company is a good fit.  I am currently work a few accounts the Erie is on, and they have different pricing tiers depending on,

1)   if the property will be insured connected to your personal home and auto (this will most likely give you the best rate)

2)  Property is not connected to your personal account, but is fairly new, you can add 50% more cost to option 1

3)  Property is not a preferred property in their eyes.  This premium will be double #1

If you fall in option #1, Erie is almost unbeatable.  If you are in option #3, they are expensive.

Erie is a good suggestion. There are some insurance brokers who specialize in investment property, so they understand things like vacant coverage, builders risk, loss of rent, etc. If you are shopping around, you might consider finding such a broker. 

Originally posted by @Cole Schlack :

@Cordell Martin what is the property you are looking to insure.

 Single family homes for buy & hold.


Anyone know an insurance company that will do a personal policy on an LLC? So far I've only been able to get commercial quotes and very expensive.

@Claudia Burchstead there could be some company out there,  but just because it's a personal policy does not guarantee it is less expensive than a commercial policy.

If you are checking with other personal lines companies for a commercial quote, I think you will get the same results.  

With a commercial policy you have more flexibility with coverage term and policy limits.  Personal lines companies are very stringent in their guidelines.

I'll PM you some other strategies to use.

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