Suggest a good insurance agent for landlord insurance in Chicago

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Hello BP Community

I was wondering if anyone can suggest a good landlord insurance in the Chicagoland area? I pay about $1200 for the entire year. I'll be honest I am not sure if that is a good price or not. I use Allstate which I know is relatively expensive. I know they are known for Auto. Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you


Sorry I can't help with a recommendation but I wanted to give a quick suggestion.  If you are going to shop the coverage it can get confusing.   Different limits and coverage can make one quote look better while it is actually cheaper due to less coverage.  You should establish a minimum amount of coverage (building limit, deductible, Liability, etc.) and then request quotes at that or better.  The minimum may be what you have now or, if that policy is not giving the limits or coverage you want, ask for what you do want.   Then if the agent quoting wants to propose something different let them do that on a separate quote.