could you recommend homeowners insurance companies in CA

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hi! could you recommend:

1)homeowners insurance company
2) title and escrow companies in CA
3) Contractors/handymen in Redding, CA
4) Contractors/handymen in Daytona Beach, FL
5) digital marketing specialist
thx in advance

Here's the insurance I use for all my investment properties. They operate in all 50 states, are very investor friendly & have saved me an average of 30-50% on my coverage. They also put all your properties on one simple monthly invoice, send it to you 3 weeks ahead of time in case you need to make changes that month, and you only pay month-to-month, so if you sell a property, you cancel and don't have to pay for time not used, which most companies charge you a min of 3-6 months, if not 12 in advance and will not refund any premiums. You can get a FREE Proposal here

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