Best Carriers for RE Investors?

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Hey everyone,

Does anyone highly recommend any insurance carriers for multi-family units? I'm mainly asking for the P&C, 4 or fewer per unit. However, I'm open to hearing all carriers that are more favorable to investors.


I have used State Farm for this kind of product type. Have you thought about using them ?

Hey @Ryan Ingram ,

Most of my standard carriers are good for 1-4 units (MetLife, Hanover, Travelers, etc.). If you are an investor with more than 4 properties or 8 units, then I would recommend a carrier with a specific REO program. All Risks has been the best one I've worked with but REI Guard also works.

@Casey J Burkhead thanks for those suggestions. I’ve heard of All Risks before, I’m going to request some more information from them. REI Guard, does your Agency sell them, or is that direct? I didn’t see an agent portal anywhere on their website.

@Antoine Martel

 Thanks, I'm happy to hear they've helped you. Unfortunately, as a broker, I am not able to carry State Farm. 

@Ryan Ingram , REI Guard or I think they are now called NREIG is a referral based structure with the Agent having little to do with the process except referring the client. All Risks is definitely more hands on.

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