Trying to Find insurance in Idaho for a house hack

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So this is my first purchase of a property and it is going to be a duplex we live in, Im trying to figure out the best route to go for insurance. Does anyone know a good agent or broker in Idaho falls or even just Idaho in general? Any direction would be great!

@Bryce Bradshaw Don't limit yourself to insurance companies that operate in Idaho. The important thing is to expand your search for insurance companies that service Idaho and more specifically your property type. 

In the 21st century, we are not bound by geography. This is good for consumers in that you can price/rate shop far and wide. 

@Bryce Bradshaw If you want to PM me I can point you to an agent that is also an investor here in Idaho Falls.

@Bryce Bradshaw if you will be living there, you will need to get a homeowners policy.

To get the best pricing, package the new home with your auto.

Send this info to several direct writers (the ones that run commercials during football games) and one or 2 independent brokers.  You will cover 90% of the market this way.

What Jason said above is correct. Most big name companies will allow you to set up an owner occupied 2 family as a primary homeowners policy as long as it's disclosed on the application properly. It may sound complicated but it's really pretty simple to set up. Since you are renting out the other half please consider higher liability limits to protect your investment. And also look at "Loss of Rental Income" coverage in case something claim related happens and the tenant has to move out you'll still be able to collect the lost rent while repairs are being made.

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