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Can someone shoot over a recommendation for a good insurance agent in Kansas City, MO that is not REIGuard? 

I just got a quote and am in the process of switching mine over... I can give you his info you want. He's a broker I can give you his info if you want. Message me if you want more info...

Originally posted by @Carlos Rovira :

@Matt K. done. Thanks!

 Carlos - Any reason you aren't liking REIGuard.  I recently was looking into using them.  Thanks!  Also, I have had Foremost in the past and gotten decent rates. 

@Carlos Rovira if you are still looking for an agent I would be more than happy to help you out.  I am an independent agent out of St. Louis and I work with investors all over Missouri, Illinois, and Texas.

There are several companies other than REI Guard or what ever they call themselves this year. Three company names in less than 5 years is just weird.

So through National REIA - I would recommend RealProtect they are not local to KC, but they insure nationwide and I have had a lot of people tell me that they moved their entire rental portfolio because they got better coverage at lower rates. I believe they can also take care of your vacant properties. Just add a .com to their name to find them.

I have also insured my wholesales and rehabs that are vacant through APIAProtects, very reasonable and easy to work with.  Insure those properties only for the days you own or are rehabbing and then convert to rental once they are rented.

For those that don't know, your regular home owners insurance and regular landlord policies will not cover a vacant house for more than 30 days, so if you buy to rehab and sell or rent, you need a builders risk policy during the vacant times and then convert over to a landlord policy once it's rented.

The major companies will sometimes insure vacant properties, but usually they want to insure for 2 months at a time, or put a full 6 month or year on the property and then refund the money when you sell or rent it.  I found this to be very cumbersome and so did my insurance broker - so we switched to one of the above.  I have used all 3.

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