RealProtect Insurance opinions requested!

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Hey Biggerpockets!

I am looking for a new insurance provider and stumbled upon RealProtect, a division of Norton insurance, and the rates/coverage is pretty darn good! I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with them?  

I was unable to find any reviews on bigger pockets or online, which is a bit concern for me, but i figured they were just a smaller subsidy.

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks 

Hi @Rickey Ear ,

I've never heard of them. There have been more and more REI focused insurance programs popping up recently though. If you have ten or more properties, my best option is through All Risks in case you want to check out someone else.

@Rickey Ear  I have looked into their program and competed against it as an insurance agent.  Here are my observations;

* It's not an insurance company, but it is an insurance program started by an insurance agency based in the Carolina's (you would have to confirm exact location)

*They have partnered with the national REIA to become their preferred provider. So you will see this program pushed by the associations as they probably get an incentive when investors get into the program.

*They are a closed program.  Meaning, you would need to work directly with Norton to buy the product.  Your current agent cant get the policy.

*They always seem to have competitive rates

*Policies are put together well

If you are comfortable with the items above, and they are offering the best coverage for the best price, I have no reason to give you why you would not use work with them.

Best of luck

Thanks for your replies. 

@Jason Bott , does having an insurance program vs an insurance company differ significantly?

How does the claims process differ between the two?

Does this mean I’m considered a additional insured on their blanket insurance program ?

After reviewing their coverage/rates, I’ve found it to be really good and inclined to proceed, but as always, you get what you pay for and it’s a bit of a concern to me.

I have some policies with them. While I haven't been able to find anyone that can beat the rates, their customer service is pretty awful. I'm a pretty laid back, easy going southerner but have felt the need to light a fire under them on more than one occassion. I am worried what a claim would be like because of this so have looking for a new insurance company on my to do list. 

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