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This has probably been discussed many times but I could use some empathetic advise. I have a situation that I need to move on, but before I pursue it I am hoping there is a way to get some kind of insurance on a 2006 manufactured home on 1.14 acres in the country. It has not had insurance for a few years, is vacant and been vandalized. I just need something... anything. Any experience or ideas or suggestions. :)  Steve

I am not sure what you asking for? Do you need a policy?

Call insurance providers? Google can point you in the right drection.

Unless someone, who is a insurance agent, spots your post. You are not going to get a policy here.

@Steve White

Hey Steve,

I used  to live near Port Orange in Ormond Beach, and I'm familiar with the situation you speak of. For the manufactured home you can probably get a Dwelling policy, but judging by your description this will come at a cost IF the insurance company decides to take the risk. Let me ask you why are you so set on getting insurance for this property? Bank refinance? 

The best way to get a dwelling policy is to reach out to a local agent and just tell them you're looking for a basic dwelling policy on a manufactured home, they should know exactly how to handle your situation. 


Ricardo Alonso


If you can not get a policy to cover the home there are a couple of other ways to cover the Liability.   If you have an existing Homeowners type policy (Home, Condo, or renters) you may be able to extend Liability to that property.  If you Homeowners company will not do it, check with other companies.  

The other option is writing a policy for just Liability on that location.  That is usually handled through the Excess/Surplus Lines market (your agent will know what that is).  

Hey @Steve White Since the manufactured home is vacant you will need to get a vacancy policy. Foremost is a company you can look into to get a quote for Manufactured homes. Once you get the insurance are you then planning to fix it all up? Sounds like a nice piece of property to get away.

@Steve White ,

You're describing a 'hard to place risk' in insurance lingo. The first question, as others have asked, is 'What type of insurance are you looking for?' 

If it's just Liability Insurance (i.e. protecting yourself/your business in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged on this piece of property), then @John Mocker summarized your options nicely. 

If it's Property Insurance (i.e. protecting the property structure in the event of a Hurricane, Fire, Flood, etc.), that'll be trickier. Foremost Insurance certainly has appetite for Manufactured Homes, however the carrier may feel uncomfortable insuring it in Florida and with the existing damage. 

With either type of insurance, be sure to go through the carrier eligibility questions carefully to ensure that there are no surprises in the event of a claim. 

Once you determine the type of insurance required, I'd be happy to look into your insurance options - just private message me. 

Simmy Hundal

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