Property Insurance on Quads in Georgia

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Hi folks,

It is not easy getting 4-plexes insured. It would be great for us all to share info on current insurers and costs. This information would be helpful to all. Please don’t just take info for your benefit and don’t participate…

We just received our invoice, so I will share first:

Location: Georgia 

Company: Nationwide

Property Type: Quadplex

Annual cost: $2442 per quad  (a 6.2% increase from last year)

Coverage: $370,000 building replacement cost and $1million liability


Here are some companies that write 4 families in CT area.  Check with a local independent agent to see if they do GA.   If you can't find an agent PM me and I can check with the company for a list:

American Modern Insurance Group

ASI / Progressive

Foremost Insurance

These companies write 4 family owner occupied so they may or may not also be markets for Dwelling Fire Policies:

National General





If you have a problem getting an Umbrella policy have your agent look into

Good luck on the search

Hey @Brigitte Garrett I write a lot of 4plexes through Foremost here in Cleveland, Ohio. I have also used American Modern, Hartford, Colonial and several other companies. I find that depending on the property Foremost tends to be the easiest to work with and have the best rates. Many of the quads I quote price around $1800-2200. If you go ACV policy type you can get the policies in the range of 1300-1800. It may be worth your time to shop that quote around or try and adjust some of the numbers down a bit.