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My name is Susan and I'm new to the site. Was wondering if anyone can suggest a good insurance company. I'm getting quotes of $2k-$3K per year for vacation rental insurance. That appears to be very high. Would appreciate responses from the Big Bear Lake area. Thank you

Hey Susan!

Is your house in $350k area? Expect to pay about two grand to get a reasonable coverage for your VR. Another headache for Big Bear short-term rental investors starting this year. The Holcomb Fire took place last June made insurance companies worry and a few providers decided to not renew their policy at all. Those who can insure your home take wildfires into consideration and offer high premiums due to the risk.

You should Google insurance companies (not necessarily "big bear insurance company") and contact providers to see who will come out the cheapest. Prices between companies and brokers fluctuate 30-50% so get a list and shop around to find the cheapest policy.

Be safe!

Thank you Mark P. for the information!

Maybe I’m not understanding things correctly, but wouldn’t the risk of a major fire coming through again be lower since much of the old kindling has now been burned?

Hi Susan, 

This is who i use up here in Big Bear as a Homeowner:

Tracy Hagman

Russ Humphreys & Associates

41609 Big Bear Blvd
mail: PO Box 6811
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
License #0764250

I cant post emails or phone numbers, but if you message me i can send you her info!

Their prices were way less than half of the other quotes that i got for the Big Bear area. Many of the big guys don't Insure this area due to a situation maybe 10 to twenty years ago when the majority of the properties were insured by the same company and they were scared of total loss for the area and what that would do to their bottom line. Good Luck! 

You are welcome to pm me. I have another company that maybe snake to assist

Love Tracy Hagman, spoke with her last year and this year. Last year the price was 10% higher than Christopher Thompson could offer, but now Mr. Thompson wants 50%+ more compare to the previous year. Tracy's statement for this year is they do "not have a market now for this location". "This location" meaning the location Susan needs for. As far as I know Susan is by the Big Bear Elementary School and Tracy won't be an option.

I got quotes from all brokers I was referred by local professionals and contacted other local brokers I was able to find online, but looks like Big Bear companies want a good cut or have no providers to write in the area.

Also still shopping, but what works for me is when searching "vacation rental insurance", in the results companies like CBIZ provide great and better coverage for less money compare to local brokers.

Need to call around because looks like it could be different for every house located in different areas of the valley, meaning what works for Jared may not work for Susan because they are far apart from each other.

If any other short-term rental insurance agencies see the message and feel like they can provide us all with a reasonable policy, please join the conversation, would be glad to see you in here))

Hey Susan, what Jared can be very helpful with is if you need any water heater installation services. Da best man in town! ) I will always use Jared for all our plumbing needs.

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