Service and Emotional Support Animals

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I just received my first ESA information from a tenant.  She was already in a home.

She sent information and Dr. letter, etc. and she is not a poor tenant and no reason for me to be too concerned.

However, this law totally burns my __________.

I have other tenants with pets and I charge a security deposit and extra rent.  But I can't for an ESA tenant?

I'm not "charging extra", I'm only charging what anyone else with a pet would pay.  But because it's in addition to the rent, it's disallowed.

I don't have to reduce my rent if the actual TENANT is disabled, but I essentially have to reduce my rent if the tenant has a dog.

Reverse discrimination always irritates me.

ESA is one of the biggest frauds perpetrated on society today. Airlines are slowing starting to fight back and I'm sure housing will get there eventually but I suspect it will take another decade or more. Until then, suck it up because we have to obey the law.

When someone has an ESA it can get frustrating because some people take advantage of this law with no real disabilities. They can also have almost any pet they would like inside the home which is frightening.