Looking for New Property Insurance Carrier

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Currently, We have our properties insured with REI (NRIEG). When attempting to sign up to use their new portal feature, I noticed they wanted us to agree to some new terms including exclusivity. As an attorney, I did not like the terms or this approach in general. Looking for a new carrier.

Hey Pat,

I have used both All Risk's program and Seattle Specialty for investors with 10-100+ properties.  They both have online portals for managing your own property list.

- Casey

Hi Pat, we appreciate your feedback. My name is Julie Prewitt and I work with the NREIG team. We’d love to touch base directly with you about our participation agreement and Terms and Conditions. It is our intent to operate transparently and to the benefit our clients. I would be happy to have our Client Relations Manager reach out to you at a time that’s convenient if you would like to direct message me your contact information.