Out of state Landlord condo insurance

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I am currently in escrow on a condo in Nevada, but live in California. I am contacting insurance companies to compare policies, and have been rejected by AllState, as they are saying if my primary homeowner's insurance is not with them, they cannot write a landlord policy. The property is being held by a LLC. Is this just a Nevada thing? Does this happen in multiple states? Does this mean that I have no choices? I did get a quote from the insurance company associated with the title company and my insurance company branch in NV. however, just wondering if this is my only choices. Looking for any/all advice.


You need to contact an Independent Agent.  One that represents many companies.  Some companies will not write Dwelling Fire (also called Landlord policies or similar by some companies) if they do not write the Homeowners.  Other companies do not have that restriction.  I have seen some companies restrict how far away from the unit the owner can live. 

Two companies that write that type of insurance are Foremost (www.foremost.com) and American Modern (www.amig.com).  If you have trouble locating agents, check their websites for who writes those two companies.

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