Tenant/Dog Issue - House smells like dog urine, is there recourse

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I am renting a single family house to a woman and her dog. After a recent visit, as soon as I walked into the house, the house has a strong odor of dog urine. This is causing challenges for me because she will be leaving her tenancy and we have listed the property on the market. I have asked her to clean the property and she has not. As result, we had showings and this is clearly a detriment.

Do I have any recourse if she does not cooperate? In general, our relationship has been positive until we started showing the house as I/we know she is not happy about the inconvenience. To best accommodate, we are only showing the house on specific days and times.

I am really curious to know if I could hire a cleaning company to come in and clean, though I am not sure how far I could get with this since her personal belongings are in the way.

If we cannot clean now, can I hire a professional cleaner upon her departure and withhold security deposits?

In MA.

To your last question, yes - you can and yes - you definitely should.  You'll need someone like a Stanley Steamer company; a client of mine had her property deep cleaned by a cleaning service and that just didn't do it. It took a steam cleaning on tile floors, carpet, and laminate to eliminate the odor.

To the tenant, I would send her an email/letter (something for later documentation) to let her know that you have appreciated having her as a tenant and for her cooperation during the showings.  Here it comes:  "But the smell of dog urine is overwhelming and I need for you to correct it immediately so that we can successfully show the property, reduce the number of showings and disruption to you, and not have an issue with your security deposit when you leave."  

It puts her on notice to correct it or her deposit will be offset.  If I remember correctly, it was about a $500 job so you might want to get some quotes prior to her departure.