Insurance Broker in Chattanooga TN?

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Does anyone know any investor friendly Insurance brokers in Chattanooga, TN? 

I'm under contract on a tri-plex and have just started looking at insurance quotes. The quotes I have so far seem a little high, but I'm unsure to be honest. The lowest one was 187 a month, which I could live with, but I'd like to get advice/more quotes from a recommended broker if possible.

Originally posted by @Peter Sturdivant :

Jack at American Insurance Group. They’re very active in the investor community and specialize in rentals. 

Awesome. Do you happen to have Jack's contact info you can PM me? 

@Paul Honen hey Paul, I have a few people I could refer you to. They're in Nashville/Murfreesboro, but I don't see why they couldnt help with a property in Chatanooga. Dm me if youd like and I can send you their contact info. Best of luck with the new triplex!