What type of Insurance? Converting home into rental

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the most common form used for a rented 1-4 family dwelling is a Dwelling/Fire policy.  Some companies call them Landlord policies.  They are from the Personal Insurance Department of the Insurance company (like the Homeowners policy).  You can also get Commercial Insurance (Business Owners or Package policy) but in many cases, it is more expensive.  I mention it because the insurance market in FL is having issues and you may find the Business policy is needed to get the coverage you want or need. 

First, congrats on recognizing that you need a different policy for your rental than for your personal residence. 
Yes, A Dwelling/Fire Policy (DP) is what you need. Be aware, however, that there are three types of DP policies -and each offers different types of coverage. It'd be best to consult with an experienced agent to get the details that best suits your risk profile. 
Good Luck!!