Recommendations for best STR Insurance providers in 2021

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For investors who have STR properties that they're renting nightly via Airbnb/VRBO - what insurance provider are you using that has worked out well for you?

I've reached out to multiple places to get quotes(All-State, Proper, etc.)

Given there isnt a one size fits all I'm looking for personal recommendations considering policy coverage, claims denied, total cost per year etc.

It seems a lot of insurance providers have additional restrictions on what they won't cover for STR rentals.

There's a lot of questions that need to be answered and the sad news is there is no real cookie cutter answer. First what state are you in because that matters more than anything. 

I have State Farm for 2 STR properties, my home, auto, life and an umbrella policy. Instead of shopping to save a couple of dollars, consider giving all your business to one company. I have 2 different agents because the properties are in 2 different states. Whatever you do, do NOT have 2 different policies from 2 different companies on the same property. (E.G., STR insurance/liability from one and fire, flood, earthquake insurance from another.) I've been through dozens of claims in my life. Using 2 separate companies only creates quagmire.