Can somebody recommend an umbrella insurance policy?

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I am looking to get an umbrella Liability insurance policy for our business and all of our real state related matters. Can someone recommend an agent that sells these?


Generally the least expensive Umbrella policies are those from the carrier that writes your Business Liability, Workers Comp, and Business Auto. If they are not together, one of them may still write the umbrella as long as the limits on the other policies meet their minimums. You mentioned your real estate related matters. If you are referring to properties you own they usually are not an issue unless the ownership is different. If you have a real estate agency then you need to determine if the umbrella will cover over the Professional Liability (E&O policy).

There are companies that write Umbrella policies on a stand alone basis.  They are generally more expensive but can be an alternative if needed.

I agree, get a bundled policy with your home, car insurance.  Mine is through Allstate, but all insurance companies write them.