Where Should I Flip?

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Hello all,

I'm willing to move just about anywhere in the country to begin investing in real estate. For a long time (~6 years now) I've been learning and researching, but it wasn't until recently I was able to really start really saving some money and drumming up interest among family members as well. I'm currently located in Orlando, but have family in North and Southern CA, New Jersey, Nashville, and  Dallas.

I'm trying to determine potential farm areas for flipping, but I'm struggling to narrow my search. I'm looking at population trends and foreclosure trends, but the market seems too hot everywhere! I'm pulling rough numbers off of sites like Zillow and nothing looks very promising. The same goes for rentals, positive cash flow seems near impossible.

Does anybody have suggestions or tips for this part of the process? I've never been more ready and I know deals can be found even in this market, but I'm not sure I know how to look let alone where.

Thank you for your time!

Hi Liam!

Have you checked out the suburb and rural houston areas? I've found success in Sweeny and Bay City TX renting. Also, there are a lot of homes being listed and pending contract within the week a little south of the University of Houston. I don't know what your goals are or what kind of investments you're looking for, but there's money to be made in the Houston area based on what I've seen.  

That being said, I'm also really new to real estate and would love others' input. 

Why not do it in your back yard?  Flipping is nothing more than making margin on a product after buying at a discount and adding value to it.  You can do that anywhere where there is sufficient demand, and I would think Orlando would have a fair amount of demand.

I agree with @Owen Dashner .  Your backyard would definitely be an option and to be honest easier than doing it where I am in South Florida.   In the end though, it's all about finding sufficient margin.   Orlando area is continually growing (and the town surrounding it, i.e, Kissimmee, etc).

I know wholesalers down here that work the market up there as well since they can find deals usually at a lower price point than in Palm Beach County.