Moving from Bay area to Austin

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Hi All,

I am a software engineer in San Jose and planning to move to Austin for saving on taxes. I was wondering if someone has done that on BP forums and What is the experience like moving from CA/NYC to Austin?.  I know TX is no state tax but on with my research only house is cheap rest everything is with par bay area price. I do have a primary house in San Jose and planning to keep it for now.

I m trying to find out information about salary reduction, career growth, what is a miss from CA?

Thanks for your input

@Viral Patel Hi Viral, I'd be happy to connect and chat about the Austin market anytime. I have a number of clients who have moved here from the Bay Area and others who continue to live in Northern California and invest here. Career growth is on par with Bay Area opportunities as most California companies also have a large office presence here and lots of HQ's here as well. The biggest increase in Texas over California will be property tax, where most of our tax is collected. Property tax ranges in the Austin metro will range from 1.84% per $1000 (unincorporated county areas), 2.23% per $1000 (City of Austin) up to 3.0% per $1000 for some outer suburbs (which have fewer homeowners paying for more growth). Past that expense, most adjustments for cost of living adjustments are cheaper here in Texas than California. When is your move?

@Viral Patel home prices are lower and there's no state income tax. Like Ryan pointed out something that gets talked about a lot is the higher than normal property taxes, this is because the state has no income tax and they need to fund services somehow. I'd rather pay property taxes than be told I need to pay on wages I make personally. With Austin growing rapidly and lots of companies moving in I don't think your career wouldn't grow either. There is a lot of opportunity in Austin and that's why people from the coasts are moving here!

Hi @Jordan Moorhead and @Ryan Kelly , thanks for replying. I was looking into financially... I would have to take a salary cut when I move here which will get offset with taxes.. I just briefly looking job posting for Software Engineers and it seems to have hardly a few positions and assuming such a huge pool of talent moving here... competition would be high as well :). 

@Viral Patel Yes, I understood you were asking about personal finance questions as well. I'll leave those up to the engineers who have transitioned here from California. For my clients who made the move, they are enjoying the overall lower cost of living and HUGE increase in what they can afford from a real estate perspective.