Is San Diego a good place to House Hack?

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Hey BP, I'm Ryan!

I'm 17 atm but turning 18 in December and planning to move out June 2021. I was wondering if I could get an opinion about House hacking in San Diego. What would be the pros and the cons? I really like the weather and activities here, but I am also open to house hacking in other markets such as Las Vegas. What would you do?

@Ryan Phu I think that house hacking is the most tangible way to get your feet wet in real estate investing, especially in San Diego's expensive market. If you have a situation where you could do it, or if you could create one, I say give it a shot. I started house hacking this year here in San Diego and it helped me build up more capital for my next project. Good luck

Hey man!

Good to see you're still at it! House Hacking in SD is definitely the best way to get started here. Keeps your costs low and you still get to enjoy the property and San Diego. If its your first property and you don't have a lot of capital set aside for potential repairs I'd suggest looking at a duplex or single family with an ADU.

Keep crushing. 

@Ryan Phu not sure what your financial picture looks like, but as an 18 year old I imagine your credit history as well as income may not be quite high enough yet to get into multi-unit property (which, agreeing with others above, is one of the best ways to go about it here in SD). That being said, you could try the rent-by-the room model of house hacking, this would allow you to get into a lower cost property and still house hack. Best of luck!

@Connor Nellans That is true. Regarding my credit history, I have been an authorized user for my dads cards for a while but I am not sure if that will be enough to get into a multi-family. My dad has really good credit (800+) and so I'm hoping they'll see it as enough but the biggest thing will be my proof of income because I am relying on wholesaling. I don't know what my situation will be next year but I want to be able to have a consistent wholesaling business as proof. I apparently have to be consistent enough and pay myself through a w-2 to be able to work that out according to my mentor. Thanks for bringing that up Connor, I really appreciate your feedback!