Joshua Tree STR market

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@Haleigh Fulmer We're in escrow on a property in Yucca to STR with (so we might be a part of the saturation haha)

Our agent mentioned this to us a few weeks ago that people were noticing a slow down in bookings and he thinks it could be because many vacation spots are opening back up due to a Covid Vaccines. I’m not too sure either but I would love to hear others opinions!

I am no data expert, but based on AirDNA, it does appear that demand is still consistently growing for the JT area, Yucca Valley included. It could be a seasonal thing, as AirDNA is showing Nov/Dec and Mar/Apr are the months where demand peaks. Again, I am not a data expert so this is based on my observation using the platform.

Not sure of the rules with posting screenshots from AirDNA in the forums so I will refrain myself from doing so, but am more than happy to share screenshots through a DM!