Creating value in your marketing

Wednesday, June 02

 Ever duck into another room or reject an incoming call to your cell phone when you see a certain person or name because you know if you talk to this person, they will monopolize the next 20 minutes of your time?Don't be that Time-Killing Sales Person that other people want to avoid!Being a timew...

Secret to Finding Motivated Sellers

Tuesday, June 01

Have you ever wondered why some Realtors or Investors seem to find all the motivated sellers while the majority of others seem to struggle? The answer lies in their marketing.  Successful real estate professionals have a proven marketing plan in place and continuously and consistently execute i...

Forensic Loan Audits

Tuesday, June 01

I saw a loan modification company advertise 'Stop bringing a pillow to a gun fight.  Use Forensic Loan Audits to obtain a Loan Modification".  It made me curious what a Forensic Loan Audit (FLA) was and if it was a gimmick or something that could help a loan modification or short sale.What is a F...

Tips to successful networking in Real Estate

Sunday, May 30

I am an investor, not a Realtor, but I happen to be a pretty big fan of Realtors.  They have definitely assisted me in finding deals, have provided great insight in unique situations that occur during transactions, and have a very good knowledge of specific subdivisions when it comes to After Rep...

Anyone have good experiences using bandit signs?

Saturday, May 29

I live in Austin Texas and used to put out about 75 signs a week.  Yellow and black 18 x 24 signs.  Simple message:  Sell Your House Fast * As-Is * No Equity No Problem * Phone number.I would get about 15 calls per week, or a 20% response rate.  It took a couple of weeks to get that type of respo...

Google Buzz?

Friday, May 28

Has anyone heard about google buzz and how it can assist real estate professionals in marketing?