Tips for Creating an Offer Price for a Short Sale

Thursday, August 05

How does an investor make an offer to the bank?  The whole point of the initial offer price is to be able to justify the offer to the bank.  The original offer price will most likely not be the final sales price, as there is a ton of negotiating that goes on from the beginning until the end of th...

Required Paperwork for Submitting a Generic Short Sale Packet

Thursday, August 05

There is a great deal of paperwork needed for a short sale and certain banks may require specific documents.  When it comes time to sign the paperwork with the investor, it is best to do so at a title company, as a good Title Company will be able to create a Settlement Statement (HUD-1) for the i...

The Basics of Buying Tax Liens in Texas

Thursday, August 05

As the old saying goes, you get rich by buying low and selling high.  A popular way to purchase real estate property at significant discounts is through Tax Lien sales. WHAT IS A TAX LIEN In most states a county will issue a tax lien on a person’s property that is late on paying real property t...

4 Steps to Opening a Self-Directed IRA with an 8% Interest Rate

Thursday, July 29

  Many people like the idea of having control of their retirement but don’t know where to invest.  Real estate is tempting, but what if you make the wrong decision?  Currencies?  Gold or silver?  Or what if you're looking to invest a small amount, such as $10,000, into something to earn more than...

What you Can or Cannot Purchase with a Self Directed IRA

Thursday, July 29

There are limits into what you can or cannot invest in with your Self-Directed IRA Account (SDIRA). For example, don’t try adding antiques or artwork to your self directed IRA because Title 26 Sections 408 & 4975 of the IRS code strictly prohibits these types of investments.  And when it come...

Will Tax Increases Actually Tax the Rich or Hit Small Business Owners?

Monday, July 26

When will we learn that when the government states that they are only going to tax the rich, the rich will miss the taxes and it will ultimately be paid by the average American?  The Americans’ for Tax Reform had an article with the following statistics on it’s website (