Posted over 1 year ago

Did you read the book 'Way of the Wolf'? Here are tips related to REI

While reading the Jordan Belfort's book, Way Of The Wolf, I've picked up several tips and tricks.  I am only a few hours in (via the audio book) so will update on some new things that I learn as I countinue to read it... Some of these are extremely relevant to real estate agents and investors alike. Jordan calls these things the three 10's.

He says your product has to be greatyour customer have to trust you, and your customers have to trust your company.  And the reason he calls these the three 10’s is because if on a scale of 1-10 you’re not on the top of all three of these things, your customer is not going to buy from you.

Your product is buying and selling houses. Either on your behalf or on behalf of someone else. Obviously it’s a good product - someone needs to buy a house and someone needs to sell their house. So without question, the product is good.

Now, what about your clients? Do they trust you? Do they connect with you? It doesn’t matter how much someone wants something, if they don’t trust you they aren’t going to buy from you because they don’t feel comfortable. Online and offline marketing and communicating with your clients has to be strong, because if not they're going to find someone else who they trust and buy from them. The other side is the reputation of your company - it doesn’t matter how much someone likes you or how much they want to buy from you if they don’t feel comfortable with your company. Make sure you are doing everything you need to in order to make sure your company holds the highest reputation possible!

So do a reality check, make sure the product is good - (most of the time with real estate investing, it is), make sure your clients trust you and if they don’t then do everything in your power to make them trust you!