BiggerPockets Podcast 020: 20 Deadly Mistakes For Real Estate Investors to Avoid

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While it’s unlikely that you are going to make a mistake in real estate that will kill you – there is a much higher chance that you’ll make a mistake that’s going to kill your chance of finding success. To help you fight the good fight and avoid those mistakes – you’ll definitely want to listen to today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast with Josh and Brandon. You might be a seasoned investor or you might be just starting out – but the 20 mistakes listed in this podcast are real, common, and deadly if not properly addressed, so be sure to listen to today’s show.

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In This Show, We Cover:

  • BiggerPockets Podcast _ Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building 9.42.11 AMThe best ways to get free education
  • How to overcome analysis paralysis
  • Exit strategies you should be using as a backup
  • How to establish your marketing machine
  • How to best protect yourself from being sued
  • The best ways to find great contractors
  • The worst way to screen for tenants
  • Plus MUCH more…

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You’re never going to know everything. (Tweet This!)

The math never lies. Stick with the math and don’t fudge the numbers. (Tweet This!)

You wouldn’t drive from Canada to Peru without a map. You need a plan – just knowing it’s south isn’t good enough. (Tweet This!)

Don’t talk so much. Just listen. (Tweet This!)

Comments, Questions, Concerns?

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  1. john milliken on

    you guys getting silly on this one, i like it.

    the whole give a mouse a cookie applies to everybody/business, not just renters. gotta buy the book now,lol. haven’t read it since i was a child. you guys gave me a different prospective on the lesson in the book now that I’m an adult.

  2. Very good information. Still in the learning stages and I can’t say it enough that discovering Bigger Pockets was the best thing that could have ever happened.
    What really hit home for me was mistake #2: Waiting too long because you don’t know enough. When you realize that Investing is much more than what the “Gurus” are telling you, you become scared and begin to think that this would be too hard to accomplish, or just the thought of ” I’m not going to be able to do this”.
    Wow! great tips guys, thanks for sharing.

  3. Christopher Reynolds on

    As always, a great podcast. Lots of great tips to pick up. My favorite (universal) tip is the “give a mouse a cookie”. That one is a little too true in nearly every aspect of everything!

  4. Guys! Thank you both for another great show!

    Day over day…..I love to hear the information you have to offer. With or without a guest, you provide so much value. I am not sure if I ever did before, but I know for sure I left you a 5-Star rating yesterday.

    For this show, I am wondering why you did not list the 20 Deadly Mistakes on the show notes. I understand that one of the goals are to have more of us listen to the actual podcast through iTunes, but as your website is friendly and interactive, would be great to have the list here so we can just click on any of the 20 and get to additional information.

    I have an idea that for sure would help me and possibly several others. What about an instuctional based on research? If you want me to be more elaborate, please let me know who I should speak to and help develop this idea.

  5. Ronald erwin

    first off I absolutely love the podcast, I listen to It 6-8 hours aday,no joke, as I am educating myself. but there is one thing in this particular podcast that I dont quite agree with. that REI cant be a hobbie, and the bigger statement of biggerpockets “without all the hype ” I think that most people are looking for FI, or a passive income. but I do think motivation goes a really long way. so being hyped up is a good thing. there is one thing about currently me running a current business and my pervious w2 job, that I thought everyone may like to hear. “fun and profitable” it’s okay to have it as a hobbie absolutely take it seriously REI in its self is hard but I doesnt have necessarily have to be work. a lot of people are trying to get out of a “job” I truly believe that the minute you stop being motivated and having fun it turns into a job but there needs to be a balance with both.

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