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Laura Alamery

Real Estate Investing with Government Grants

By Laura Alamery, 2 days ago with 0 comments

What is great about grants and where to begin acquiring grants for Real Estate Investing Read More

Albert Bui
Scott Price

Book Review of “Trump-Style Negotiation” by George H. Ross

By Scott Price, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

“Trump-Style Negotiation: Powerful Strategies and Tactics for Mastering Every Deal“ by George Ross has credentials & a worthwhile read for investors. Read More

Jared Garfield

Risky Business Part 1: How to Minimize Tenant-Related Risks

By Jared Garfield, 13 days ago with 0 comments

All investments come with risk, and real estate is no exception, especially when it comes to tenants. Avoid 3 Tenant Risks: Vacancy, Damage, and Pets. Read More

Kevin Amolsch

Pain: How to Attract Success

By Kevin Amolsch, 3 days ago with 0 comments

The truth is pain does hurt, but the temporary and manageable hurt creates success! Read More

Jay Belcher

​The Sting of Tenant Problems

By Jay Belcher, about 1 month ago with 0 comments

Dealing with tenants can be interesting and challenging. It takes some work and experience to figure out which requests are legitimate. Read More

Sean Tarpenning
Chris Rawley

Top 5 Myths About Investing in Agriculture

By Chris Rawley, 23 days ago with 0 comments

In the past, the best way to expose a portfolio to agriculture was to buy an entire farm. Now there are easier methods to invest in agriculture. Read More

Richard D.

3 Tips for Using Social Media

By Richard D., 11 days ago with 0 comments

Don't just post your listings or services. Interact, give, and be genuine to create premium social marketing content. Read More

Sophia Moore
Neal Collins

Real Estate Investing Success through Experiential Learning

By Neal Collins, 26 days ago with 0 comments

How to use Experiential Learning to become successful as a new real estate investor. Read More

Mark S.

Find Your Niche: Flipping Isn't the Only Way

By Mark S., 3 months ago with 0 comments

Use the skills and talents you already have and apply them to real estate investing. Don't assume you have to do what everyone else is doing. Read More

Neal Collins

Should I Turn My House Into a Rental When I Move?

By Neal Collins, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Should you turn your house into a rental when you are ready to move? There are many benefits, but one major disadvantage that is a game changer. Read More

Patrick Antos

How to get started in Real Estate? Real Talk-Get a coach

By Patrick Antos, 22 days ago with 0 comments

Coaches and mentors are a great start for you to find real estate success. Read More

Bill Manassero

Best Tips From Successful Real Estate Investors

By Bill Manassero, 25 days ago with 0 comments

Here are some key tips you need to master if you hope to become a successful real estate investor. Read More

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