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Your "Why" Must Be Stronger Than Your "Why Not"

By Bryan Otteson, 1 day ago with 1 comment

Without a strong enough "why" you will lose to the "why not" Read More

Small 1452207455 avatar arvdeals

10 Important Questions to Ask a Seller Before You Meet With Them

By Sean Edgar, 16 days ago with 6 comments

Stop wasting time dealing with non motivated sellers. Learn the top 10 questions to pull out a seller's true motivation. Read More

Small 1446934545 avatar roberts105

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Tenant Turnover on Your Investment Rental

By Robert Syfert, 10 days ago with 5 comments

Finding a perfect tenant can require a bit of luck, but there are also strategies you should know about to keep that fantastic renter in your property Read More

Small 1450381929 avatar seantarpenning

Turn-Key 101

By Sean Tarpenning, 5 days ago with 4 comments

Find out what the hype is about turn-key real estate! Read More

Small 1444411090 avatar timf13

Discounted Notes, I Think, are Today's Best-Kept Investment Secret

By Tim Fitzgerald, 7 days ago with 17 comments

More and more investors are discovering discounted notes as an attractive alternative to investing in real property. Read More

Small 1454613691 avatar alb17
Small 1446934545 avatar roberts105

Is Out-Of-State Real Estate Investing Right for You?

By Robert Syfert, 2 days ago with 1 comment

Let’s take a look at the pro's and con's of out-of-state real estate investing and why it might be a profitable option you have not yet explored. Read More

Small 1435705426 avatar josephvscorese

Is It Smart (Or Stupid) To Co-Sign On A Mortgage?

By Joseph Scorese, 2 days ago with 1 comment

Is It Smart (Or Stupid) To Co-Sign On A Mortgage? Should you cosign a mortgage loan for family or friends? WHAT IS "CO-SIGNING" A MORTGAGE? Read More

Small 1442321861 avatar reedgoossens

Commercial Real Estate - Forcing Appreciation by Increasing NOI

By Reed Goossens, 1 day ago with 0 comments

Creating Long Term Wealth: Forcing appreciation by increasing NOI - Why I love investing in commercial real estate, specifically multi family! Read More

Small 1398866209 avatar 423chandler

Anatomy of a Self Storage Facility Purchase

By Michael Rogers, 7 months ago with 13 comments

Are you looking to invest inf self storage? This article describes my last storage facility purchase and discusses the myth that self storage is easy Read More

Small 1448323937 avatar jameswise

5 things every new real estate agent needs to do to become successful

By James Wise, 14 days ago with 5 comments

The 5 most important things a new real estate agent needs to do to become a successful real estate agent. Read More

Small 1454739787 avatar dwryu72

Out of State Investing? Here's how to get started (w/Pictures)

By Daniel Ryu, 5 months ago with 45 comments

A 3,000+ word step-by-step guide to find the right place to invest in when investing out of state or out of country - (w/ pictures and internet tools) Read More

Small 1420910794 avatar karlathome

Cold Call Paralysis – How I am Attacking It

By Karl James, about 1 year ago with 7 comments

A recap of actionable steps a very new real estate investor want-to-be is taking to overcome cold call paralysis and anxiety. Read More

Small 1448398278 avatar fischem

No Nonsense Tips for Screening Tenants

By Michele Fischer, 2 days ago with 1 comment

Piggy backing off the recent BP article on tenant screening, add own criteria and perspective to the great article. Read More

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