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Options for homeowners facing foreclosure

By Steve Manuel, 12 months ago with 1 comment

There are several options for homeowners when facing a foreclosure. Some options may work better than others depending on the homeowner’s financial Read More

Small 1491144493 avatar jameswise

Passively flipping houses out of state does not work

By James Wise, almost 2 years ago with 5 comments

Can you make money flipping houses out of state? According to James Wise the answer is NO. Read More

Small 1459356812 avatar vandalfan

The Basics of Boise at a Glance

By Jonna Weber, 7 days ago with 2 comments

When you’re looking for a town to move to or invest in, knowing the basics is key; population, climate, cost of living, etc. Read More

Small 1424970066 avatar adeacon

Every tenant excuse in the book. i have heard them

By Alex Deacon, 5 days ago with 0 comments

Be firm but fair and evict quickly. This is a business. Run it like one. Read More

Small 1421593227 avatar kevinjrnietorei

How to put your first property under contract (contracts included)

By Kevin Ramirez Nieto, over 2 years ago with 39 comments

To show you how simply it is to put properties under contract and wholesale them, I leave you with my actual contract templates. Read More

Small 1399712768 avatar richardroop
Small 1478795769 avatar pharmerjeff

Don’t Ask for Money on Facebook.

By Jeff Rabinowitz, 12 days ago with 5 comments

Asking for funding on social media is fraught with peril. Read More

Small 1464974382 avatar katiem25

D.C. Continues Its Transition to a Wealthy Population

By Katie Molinski, 6 days ago with 0 comments

D.C.’s new wealth is coming by way of members of the new administration, tech elites, and various foreign professionals. Read More

Small 1478782406 avatar jeweledjess

Offering to help seasoned investors to get started

By Jessica Gettle, 6 days ago with 0 comments

In summary help others first and therefore you can help yourselves. You got to put yourselves out there and take action!! Read More

Small 1439384607 avatar patrickf9

Costly Mistakes New Property Mgmt Companies Make & How to Avoid Them

By Patrick Freeze, 20 days ago with 1 comment

As a new property management company, there are many new things to learn, and many opportunities to make mistakes. Here are the top 5 mistakes. Read More

Small 1399649822 avatar tommydesmond
Small 1453850707 avatar terrym13

I caught the RE investing bug

By Terry Mclain, about 1 month ago with 5 comments

A story of my first project and how I got started investing. Read More

Small 1483019939 avatar seantarpenning
Small 1428029244 avatar marya

​Is Live/Work The New House Hack?

By Mary Ann, about 2 years ago with 3 comments

If you want to house-hack but don't want to live in a bad neighborhood or can't afford a nice property, read this. Live/work may be the answer. Read More

Small 1468445578 avatar danefranta

Being #Basic - Deal 3

By Dane Franta, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Make it about the numbers and be relentless in sticking to them. Ensure your decisions are business focused and not emotional. Read More

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