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The Science of Finding Deals - Part 6: How to Profit In Any Market

By Wendell De Guzman, over 1 year ago with 7 comments

Do You Know That You Can Make Money in Real Estate Even When It's Crashing Down? Also, How Do You Predict The Next Crash? Read This and Find Out! Read More

Small 1448323381 avatar donnaw8

Building your contractor team

By Donna White, about 1 year ago with 5 comments

Finding good, reliable contractors isn't as scary as it sounds. Make sure you know the right questions to ask and the right documents to implement. Read More

Small 1430691310 avatar brendan m

Intro/My First Deal (House Hacked 4plex)

By Brendan Morin, over 1 year ago with 11 comments

Here I detail my experience buying a 4plex off craigslist to house hack with a VA loan. Read More

Small 1399339491 avatar wendypatton

Is Lease Options Legal In My State?

By Wendy Patton, 5 days ago with 0 comments

The bottom line is that the more you learn, the more you earn. Wendy Read More

Small 1466024209 avatar davidl197

Investing in the US market as a foreign investor

By David Lehane, 27 days ago with 5 comments

How to succeed in real estate investing is as easy as falling off a log, so much so even as a foreign investor we did it. Read More

Small 1452872985 avatar julier14

A New Mentality to my Unhealthy Frugality

By Julie Marquez, 22 days ago with 4 comments

I'm too frugal and I save too much. I have shifted my mentality and this is how my budget will look different in 2017. Read More

Small 1480836610 avatar three5project

Real Estate Syndication and Unicorns, who knew?

By Jeff Wallenius, 5 days ago with 0 comments

I set out to discover passive investing, I ended up with a new investment vehicle for real estate syndication and a pet. Read More

Small 1463360286 avatar kymy

​Part 2 – Choosing a Turnkey Company

By Kyle Myers, 9 months ago with 20 comments

In my last blog post I discussed why I chose turnkey over the other REI options. In this post I will describe how I chose the company I am going to in Read More

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Small 1447884808 avatar benrobmem
Small 1484097996 avatar jareda2

First day of "living the dream"

By Jared Abbott, 7 days ago with 0 comments

Living the dream one day at a time. The first day of work was a little different than I expected, but I'd rather be nowhere else! Read More

Small 1452872985 avatar julier14

Details of My Second Deal

By Julie Marquez, 13 days ago with 6 comments

My story on the closing of property #2. While it was better than property #1, we still had some issues and here is what I learned. Read More

Small 1448388158 avatar joefairless
Small 1482195550 avatar danielc108

It’s Time to Wake up Earlier!

By Daniel Cuevas, 30 days ago with 4 comments

I've woken up just in time for other people, I found out that life is better when I get up just in time for me. Read More

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