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Why Seconds Come First: 12 Keys to Nonperforming Second Loans

By Andrew Syrios, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

My colleague Sandor Lau gave another speech, this time at the Papersource Note Symposium in Las Vegas. His talk is titled "Why Seconds Come First Read More

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05.23.14 Feeling Lucky

By Michele Fischer, over 2 years ago with 1 comment

Feeling lucky after deviating from our normal tenant acquisition process - marketing earlier, showing while occupied, communicating differently. Read More

Small 1399609578 avatar royalroseprops

Customizing Your Business for the Millennials

By Drew Sygit, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘Millennials,’ it refers to the generation that, in the late 80s and early 90s, was called “Generation Y”... Read More

Small 1428605059 avatar giovanni i

Are you in the landlord business or the apartment owning business?

By Giovanni Isaksen, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Think you're saving money by managing your own apartment building investments? Run the numbers. Oh and don't forget to add in for quality of life too. Read More

Small 1399735722 avatar moorerei

Cash flow Crisis!

By Isaac Moore, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

This post is about a multi family deal that I am trying to move Read More

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90 day Challenge ACCEPTED!!!

By Junior Salters, over 2 years ago with 3 comments

Accepting Brandon's 90 Day Challenge in SC Read More

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From ZERO to SIX FIGURE gross annual income in 2.5 years!

By Dawn Anastasi, almost 3 years ago with 40 comments

Achieving six figures in gross annual rental income in 2.5 years. Read More

Small 1399577034 avatar warrens

1st Post.....My introduction

By Warren Sterling, over 2 years ago with 1 comment

The beginning of financial freedom. My ups and downs, my mistakes and successes. Read More

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It’s Easy but it is a Test

By Jeff Rabinowitz, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Building relationships with potential partners and lenders. The way you communicate is important. First impressions count. Read More

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Now for a Whole Bunch of Lessons from Our First Rehab Experience...

By Chad Clanton, over 2 years ago with 10 comments

Mistakes? Oh yeah, we made a LOT. Here are some of the fixes, and ways that YOU can keep from making the same ones... Read More

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What keeps you from success?

By Dean Letfus, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

The only thing keeping you overworked, poor or disempowered is????? Read More

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