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Small 1436789444 avatar davidp39

How to Market Rental Properties

By David Panzera, 15 days ago with 2 comments

Check out our property management company's best tips on marketing your rental properties as the busy season comes. Read More

Small 1450381929 avatar seantarpenning

Investing With Less Than Perfect Credit

By Sean Tarpenning, 12 days ago with 0 comments

So what if your credit isn't perfect? Read More

Small 1429909120 avatar jacklv

Adding Square Footage Can make a Skinny Deal a Big Deal

By Jack C., 18 days ago with 1 comment

Adding square footage can make a mediocre deal into a real money maker but you need to careful, or, you may end up losing. Read More

Small 1448388883 avatar tag0418

Driving for Dollars. My Last Two Days

By Simon Shih, 5 months ago with 8 comments

Results of my drive for dollars two days. Read More

Small 1435705426 avatar josephvscorese

10 Sales Nevers. No Way. You Just Cannot.

By Joseph Scorese, 12 days ago with 0 comments

10 Sales Nevers. No Way. You Just Cannot. Read More

Small 1453829573 avatar johannaa

Where I Am Going Is Better Than Where I've Been.

By Johanna Anderson, about 1 year ago with 5 comments

This post is about the harsh realities I have experienced in the past year, and how they have motivated me to do something different with my life. Read More

Small 1439302589 avatar jevangelisti

My Not-So-Secret Formula To Building A Successful Investing Business

By Joe Evangelisti, 12 days ago with 0 comments

person who solves bigger problems grows a bigger, more successful business. Read More

Small 1445296072 avatar jonathanj7

10 Things You Need To Know About Buying A Home

By Jonathan J. Miller, about 2 months ago with 2 comments

This is a must read if you are buying your first home. Read More

Small 1454739787 avatar dwryu72

Out of State Investing? Here's how to get started (w/Pictures)

By Daniel Ryu, 7 months ago with 56 comments

A 3,000+ word step-by-step guide to find the right place to invest in when investing out of state or out of country - (w/ pictures and internet tools) Read More

Small 1459286159 avatar hubertbromma

4 Tips for Holding Real Estate Offshore With Your IRA

By Hubert Bromma, 12 days ago with 0 comments

One of the most popular investments held by IRAs is real estate. Many investors are unaware that it is permitted to hold offshore in an IRA. Read More

Small 1450381929 avatar seantarpenning

Saving Money for Property Insurance

By Sean Tarpenning, 18 days ago with 4 comments

It's not about how much you spend... it's about how much you save! Read More

Small 1448944424 avatar wegetnotes

How to Find More (and Better) Real Estate Investment Opportunities

By Manasseh Lapin, 16 days ago with 4 comments

The most frequent complaint we hear from our fellow real estate investors these days is that there isn’t enough suitable investment inventory. Read More

Small 1448399064 avatar biggerpo
Small 1442167296 avatar jeffm37

Big Reasons for BP Members to Be Thankful

By Jeff M., 5 months ago with 5 comments

We all have gifts. Developing, honing and applying our investment talent has the potential for doing good. Here's how. Read More

Small 1416988542 avatar jeremyj1

Keys to a Successful Partnership

By Jeremy Jones, about 1 year ago with 6 comments

Keys to look for in finding and cultivating successful real estate investing partnerships. Read More

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