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MAKI Partners Weekly Update

By Tom MacDonald, 12 days ago with 0 comments

maki partners, buy and hold, large, multifamily, multi-family, deal analysis, houston, texas, alvin, league city, pearland, friendswood Read More

Small 1474144742 avatar suer12

Home Values: Definitely NOT in Bubble Range!

By Sue Roddy, 13 days ago with 1 comment

There are some industry pundits claiming that residential home values have risen too quickly and current levels are on the verge of another bubble. Read More

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Small 1473439648 avatar ericah14

The Real Estate Investing Team You'll Need For Better Time Management

By Erica Hackmyer, 17 days ago with 3 comments

Learn the ten members you'll need on your real estate investing team to help better manage your time. Read More

Small 1454739787 avatar dwryu72

Out of State Investing? Here's how to get started (w/Pictures)

By Daniel Ryu, about 1 year ago with 60 comments

A 3,000+ word step-by-step guide to find the right place to invest in when investing out of state or out of country - (w/ pictures and internet tools) Read More

Small 1421352719 avatar zenith191
Small 1443511259 avatar alexhaimou

How to use Google Forms to create a house inspection checklist

By Alex Halimou, about 1 year ago with 1 comment

Using Google Forms you can easily create a checklist that will help you in estimating rehab costs. Read More

Small 1448457862 avatar johnm174

HOME APPRAISALS – not really rocket science

By John Morey, 14 days ago with 0 comments

An appraisal is an OPINION of value. Always keep that in mind. Read More

Small 1473866754 avatar lvinv

How to get started as a real estate agent

By Brandon L., about 1 month ago with 9 comments

If you are a new agent, and feel overwhelmed, read this to find out the questions I asked myself to regain focus and push forward towards success. Read More

Small 1448322965 avatar pharmerjeff

I Burned My House To The Ground. Should You?

By Jeff Rabinowitz, over 1 year ago with 75 comments

You can provide a needed service to your community while getting a nice personal benefit. Please help spread this idea. Read More

Small 1451499010 avatar dsk

C-S-M-L What the heck is this????

By Duke Marquiss, 14 days ago with 0 comments

We have the sense of hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste. Use them to do your next deal. We will add logic and common sense. Read More

Small 1474039515 avatar chips4

The Blocking and Tackling of Hard Money Lending

By Chip Sher, 14 days ago with 0 comments

Don’t throw an interception and have your loan application racing in the wrong direction when you apply for a loan to fund your next fix and flip! Read More

Small 1448388427 avatar deniselevans

Alabama Tax Sale Redemption

By Denise Evans, about 1 year ago with 4 comments

Alabama property owners still have redemption rights even after investor receives deed. Read More

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