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The Rear View Mirror and the Windshield

By Duke Marquiss, 16 days ago with 0 comments

Spend more time in the Windshield. Whatever comes down the road, make sure you make proper adjustments to meet the challenge and stay on the road! Read More

Small 1429479843 avatar apriljustin


By April Crossley, 23 days ago with 2 comments

If flipping houses is your passion, set yourself up to find financial freedom with it, not another job Read More

Small 1477081450 avatar stevet15

Squeeze more money out of that deal! (Get your RE license.)

By Steve Theobald, 20 days ago with 8 comments

If you do 3 or more deals a year, then here are 7 reasons you should consider getting your real estate license. The first two are awesome! Read More

Small 1446115690 avatar jonc15

Lessons from a Monopoly Game, Using Real Money

By Jon Camp, 18 days ago with 2 comments

A Monopoly game with real money leads to some unexpected consequences, and lessons for business and investing. Read More

Small 1480207020 avatar jacob2795

We Found Our First Deal

By Jacob Smith, 27 days ago with 1 comment

A month of kissing frogs and the race is on Read More

Small 1448388427 avatar deniselevans

Alabama Tax Sale Redemption

By Denise Evans, over 1 year ago with 7 comments

Alabama property owners still have redemption rights even after investor receives deed. Read More

Small 1443107707 avatar zacharyc6

Catching Up: Part 04

By Zachary C., 17 days ago with 1 comment

Part 4 of a miniseries catching you up to where I am and how I got here. Read More

Small 1483019939 avatar seantarpenning
Small 1478375833 avatar tylerk39

Getting Started: How I Navigated the Education Phase and Began Looking

By Tyler Kennedy, 18 days ago with 0 comments

Before getting started in real estate investing, we all have a lot to learn. Here is what I did to build my knowledge base before jumping in! Read More

Small 1484595569 avatar markowens
Small 1482590447 avatar markallen85

Diversify and Don't Turn Your Back on This Emerging Asset Class!

By Mark Allen, 19 days ago with 0 comments

SFRs vs. Multifamily - There are advantages to both asset classes, but keep diversified and don't turn your back on either class. Read More

Small 1442433607 avatar sarahp7

What Happens to Your Mental State When You Become FI...

By Sarah P., 20 days ago with 0 comments

Real estate gave me more than I bargained for... Peace of mind in more ways than one. Read More

Small 1405995925 avatar c1311

Great article discussing 2017's upcoming design trends

By Ciro Affronti, 20 days ago with 0 comments

Sharing of an article that discusses the top trends going into 2017 and some of my thoughts and opinions on my favorites. Read More

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