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By Simon Filip, 20 days ago with 0 comments

​The rules for basis, or the value of an asset used for computing tax gain or loss when an asset is sold or transferred, can be complicated. Read More

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A Practical Guide to Specialty Real Estate Insurance Programs

By Mike Flavin, 20 days ago with 0 comments

A practical guide to comparing insurance quotes for flips and rentals that highlights potential red flags. Read More

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If I Were Starting Over: What Would I Do Differently?

By Jared Garfield, 9 months ago with 6 comments

Tips For Beginners, Essentials for starting in Real Estate Investing, Books Every Investor should read, marketing, Learn From My Mistakes Read More

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Realizing when to sell & Deal #2 – We buy a REO

By Dane Franta, 20 days ago with 0 comments

Lessons Learned: Make sure your money is working for you all the time. Once established, don't deviate from metrics. What gets measured, gets done. Read More

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The simplest three investments you may be overlooking

By Jeff Wallenius, 25 days ago with 4 comments

Invest! The simplest three investments you need to make in your life. Read More

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By Simon Filip, 20 days ago with 0 comments

Using Zero Cash Flow Deals to Defer Taxes Read More

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An Intergalactic Lack of Knowledge

By Grant Greene, 20 days ago with 0 comments

Potential homebuyers NEED to know they ALWAYS have options! Read More

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Catching Up: Part 06

By Zachary C., 21 days ago with 1 comment

Part 6 of a miniseries catching you up to where I am and how I got here. Read More

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How Washington, D.C. is Becoming a Waterfront City

By Katie Molinski, 21 days ago with 0 comments

Ambitious waterfront developments are underway in Washington, D.C. Read More

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Flipping a Burn Out, as my FIRST FLIP! (Second Post)

By Jeffery Neal, 7 months ago with 3 comments

Second post on my first flip. Closing, Flipping Initiation, Contractor Struggles. Need Help deciding if I should Flip or BRR the House. Read More

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Squeeze more money out of that deal! (Get your RE license.)

By Steve Theobald, about 2 months ago with 11 comments

If you do 3 or more deals a year, then here are 7 reasons you should consider getting your real estate license. The first two are awesome! Read More

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The first rental and how it happened...

By Lance Smith, about 1 year ago with 7 comments

Th story of our first rental and the steps needed to make it happen! Read More

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