Famous Four Analysis (January 2013-2020)

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To mark the 7th anniversary of the BP Real Estate podcast (January 2013-2020), here is the complete analysis of the Famous Four section for the first 365 pods. I hope you will find the result as interesting as I did putting it together. 2 important things before you dive into it: 1) the presentation is interactive so make sure you go into the slide mode show to enjoy the full experience 2) Thanks to the BP team to give me the green light to post it 3) Last but not least, no host/cohosts/guests were bribed, harassed or molested in the making of this analysis Cedrick

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great content. Thank you.

Diane T. | 10 days ago  

This is great! Thank you for posting.

Kate Tauber | 14 days ago  

Great job Cedrix. There are some valuable nuggets in here.

Obi I. | 22 days ago  

This is amazing, thank you! I know what 12 books to always keep in my bookshelves.

Esther Min | 24 days ago  

This was super interesting! Thanks for making this!

Brandon Smith | 25 days ago  

Thanks Cedrick! I just borrowed three of the books on the list from my local library.

Ben Y. | 28 days ago  

Thank you!

Volker Durre | about 1 month ago  

This was great and interesting data. Thank you for doing this.

Hung Tran | about 1 month ago  

This is great, thanks for doing that, really helpful.

Simeon Codo | about 1 month ago  

This is awesome! thank you!

Courtney Hageman | about 1 month ago  

Great job!!!!

Troy McElhaney | about 2 months ago  

This is amazing data, I cant wait to go through it in detail.

Senate Eskridge | about 2 months ago  

Great idea-read these and you're " set for life " !

Larry Garber | about 2 months ago  

awesome job bud

Jonathan Soto | about 2 months ago  


Bob Norton | about 2 months ago  

Very good dataset presentation, with interesting results. Thank you for putting this together!

Jerry Agbon | about 2 months ago  

Awesome! Thank you!

Bill Hand | about 2 months ago  

Thank you! That was eye opening!

Christine Lai | 2 months ago  

Great Stuff. Thanks!

Josh Varon | 2 months ago  

Good Job Cedrick!!

Jean-Thierry Aleman | 2 months ago  

Woo Hoo! My Christmas List came early this year!!!

Brian Lucier | 2 months ago  

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Zajkowski | 2 months ago  

Nice job! Thank you!

Mary J. | 2 months ago  

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

Andrew R. | 2 months ago  

Good shit Cedrick!

Jay Sandefur Jr | 2 months ago  

Loved it! (I had trouble opening it but I got around it by downloading it and then uploading it to my google drive and opening with google slides for anyone else having issues)

JD Randall | 2 months ago  

Hey Cedric having trouble to get the links for the PDFs to work... any ideas or direct links to them?

Dirk Davidson | 2 months ago  

Excellent contribution. Very insightful!

Jónas Tryggvi Stefánsson | 2 months ago  

Thank you! Good Stuff.

Sterling Shrout | 3 months ago  

Cedrick, thanks for aggregating the data and sharing!

Darrien James | 3 months ago  

Nice job!

JD Martin | 3 months ago  

This is epic. I was just thinking today, "wouldn't it be great if someone put together all the books that had been mentioned". Pure magic. Thanks Cedrick.

Ryan Ross | 3 months ago  

Love it!

Brandon Turner | 3 months ago  

Incredible, fun, and engaging work here! What a summary and presentation!

Scott Trench | 3 months ago