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This document can help you analyze a rental property for the monthly cash flow and the cash on cash return on investment - using the "Four Square Method" popularized on BiggerPockets. Learn more about "The Four Square Method" on YouTube at Thanks! Enjoy!

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Thank you!

Dawn Ivey | 2 months ago  

Great stuff. Thank you!

Marshall Pike | 9 months ago  

Brandon this is an excellent table & tool.

Krystyan Russell | 10 months ago  

Extremely helpful Brandon. Thanks

Richard Mercado | about 1 year ago  

Great tool! Love it for a quick property analysis! Thanks Brandon :))

Moira Baggett | about 1 year ago  

Very helpful just getting started!

David K vanhorn | over 1 year ago  

Awesome tool, thanks for sharing!

Joseph Ouma | over 1 year ago  

his assumption for 2%($2000) rental is that good rental. mine one has 1.4% is that really bad. what is standard rental % vs to property cost?

Rajendra Lamichhane | over 1 year ago  

Thanks Sophia! Having it in Excel with all the formulas already is really helpful! Much appreciated.

Tess L. | over 1 year ago  

Hi everyone, I created a shareable google doc of the four square PDF with math formulas that can calculate the totals for you. Feel free to save and use it! When printing the doc, change the paper orientation in the printer settings to "portrait" and hide the gridlines under "Print --> Formatting".

Sophia Ju | over 1 year ago  

Thanks A Billion Brandon!

Rod Warren | over 1 year ago  

Thanks a lot Brandon!

Shawn Halder | almost 2 years ago  

Very helpful! Thanks Brandon!

Alvaro Garcia Fernandez | almost 2 years ago  

Thank you very much Brandon

Maurice Douet | almost 2 years ago  

Thank you Brandon.This method feels super useful to understand the overall process.

Diego Nepomnaschy | about 2 years ago  

Thank you Brandon For all you do For us the newbies

Alan Cope | about 2 years ago  


Miguel Angel Rios Macias | over 2 years ago  

You only list the downpayment. What about the mortgage/loan payment? Wouldn't you need to add that to the expenses?

Mike Young | over 2 years ago  

That was totally AWESOME!! Makes so much sense and simple to understand. Thank you for all that you do.

Melvin K. Amina | over 2 years ago  

what a wonderful tool - thanks to you guys for sharing such great info :) it is very much appreciated!

Lori Johnson | almost 3 years ago  

Thank you very much. Makes it easier to follow the youtube presentation.

Marquez Milton | almost 3 years ago  

Thank you Brandon, will gonna help me a lot. Just right now I found you on YouTube ;) Keep moving forward.

Georgi Bozhinov | almost 3 years ago  

Great sheet! looking forward to using it

Kay Mckinley | almost 3 years ago  

Ha! just found this on youtube. After 4 years. lol Thank you for all you do!!!

Mary D. | almost 3 years ago  

Josh and Brandon, you guys have helped me TREMENDOUSLY! This allowed me to quickly analyze my first rental property with ease! Thanks guys. This made a big difference in my business.

Terrez Jarrett | almost 3 years ago  

This is huge. Thanks 🙏🏾

Takeshia Martin | about 3 years ago  

Mahalo e Brandon!!!

Eleu Lee | about 3 years ago  


David Yusupov | about 3 years ago  

This is very gooooood. Thanks Brandon!

Olu Efunwoye | about 3 years ago  


Janis Mcquinton | about 3 years ago  

You know we want the Excel file :)

Marty McButterpants | over 3 years ago  

Great worksheet, thanks! This will be very helpful for me as I go through my pricing metrics. Tip for others looking to print: on my Mac, I needed to reduce the scale to 25% in order to get it all to print on one 8.5" x 11" page.

Tara O'Hanley | over 3 years ago  

Hello, I want to thank Bigger Pockets and the supporters for all the information that is shared, so in return, I wanted to share, I converted the calculator to an excel spreadsheet. Link attached, I will continue to post files that I am able to develop here as well.

Bryant Dargan | over 3 years ago  

This document is GREAT for quick calculations! I laminated mine and use a wipe away marker so I can keep reusing over and over again. Very helpful as usual BiggerPockets crew. Thanks

Jason Chalmers | over 3 years ago  

Ok, so the file prints (on a Mac) way too big for a letter size. Any hints at how to change the format to a letter sized print out?

Sean Gibson | over 3 years ago  

I love it! This is an excellent resource for performing a quick rental analysis.

Larry Russell | over 3 years ago  

Thanks Brandon, this gave a lot more clarity on what to look for in analyzing a deal!!!

Dustin J Cooper | over 3 years ago  

Thanks Brandon! I appreciate all your help :)

Charles Branch | over 3 years ago  

Thank you!

Bain Craddock | over 3 years ago  

I made an auto-populates spreadsheet that I derived from the worksheet, and I'm happy to share it with the BiggerPockets community. I also wrote a program to automatically populate the spreadsheet with MLS listings from my agent. Check it out! Happy to answer any questions. Let me know if it helps!

Earl Co | over 3 years ago  

Thank You!

Terrell Hill | over 3 years ago  

It's not a "spreadsheet" at all. It's a pdf document. Why say spreadsheet in your video?

Anthony Porter | over 3 years ago  

Love this worksheet! Thank you

Bryon Johnson | almost 4 years ago  

Amazing quick tool.thank you

Pini M. | about 4 years ago  

this is a good one pager for quickly listing the details about a property, especially if you are looking at multiple properties to analyze in a short time frame and have no access to BP calculator. Thank you for posting.

Dipti A. | over 4 years ago  

Very useful, thanks for sharing guys!

Andre Mays | over 4 years ago  

@ Brandon, Thanks for creating !

Tracey Williams | over 4 years ago  

Donnie: fantastic

Donnie Hardiman | over 4 years ago  

The sheet is not interactive, like a spreadsheet. It also does not cover nearly as many items as was shown in the video. It is 4 boxes with a few items in each box. I was slightly disappointed that I'd registered for that.

Levi Thomason | over 4 years ago  

I use this to quickly analyze properties. It's very helpful and easy to use. Thank You!

George Walker | almost 5 years ago  

Josh and Brandon are AMAZING and certainly paying it forward. Thank you or keeping investing within the reach of us everyday people.

Sheila F. | almost 5 years ago  

Andrew Papenfus | about 5 years ago